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So Farewell then

Postby tabbycat » Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:01 pm

"o lente, lente currite noctis equi" (O,run slowly, slowly, horses of the night) pleaded Dr Faustus quoting from Ovid's Amore as the midnight hour approached. He was asking for time to stand still, addressing his plea to the horses pulling Time's chariot.
... and the midnight hour approaches on my Napo membership as I expect the plug to be pulled on me in the next fortnight. This is therefore likely to be my last entry in this Forum. There's still been no response from Napo to my posts on it.
So, why "tabbycat"?
Tabbycat number 1 appeared on the kitchen's outside windowledge about 11.30pm one dark winter night. She was a kitten, maybe 3" long, mewing in distress, cold, wet, and wanting to come in. Given entry, she then devoured a whole tin of catfood. She stayed and proved to be the gentlest of creatures with no malice in her. She was aged about 6 months when I was sat at the table one day writing longhand (it was the 1980s) from notes and files. She climbed up my back, wrapped herself around my neck, and slept contentedly there for a couple of hours. She'd sit patiently in the hallway waiting for me to raise her back legs and then gently wheelbarrow her into the living room: a party trick she liked to show off especially when we had visitors. She died aged 9 of cancer.
Tabbycat number 2 was the brewhouse cat from Morrell's Lion brewery in Oxford. We'd gone to Oxford for a day's shopping. I'd read that the brewery was closing that week. We went in the brewery tap for a meal and drink. A card at the bar Announced "Homeless and jobless" their tabbycat. She was rehomed with us that day. Elderly even then, she spent several years with us before succumbing to old age.
Tabbycat number 3 came to us via a Cats Protection foster home, having been taken in from living at an electricity substation on a housing estate. Her favourite game was to hide and then noisily ambush the other cats. She died of cancer some few years later.
I'm one of three children. I lost both my sister and my brother to cancer. Now I've been diagnosed with a tumour. Investigations continue. Another reason, maybe, not to take out another year's subscription?
My very good wishes to all. I hope that my impact on this Forum has been a positive one.
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Re: So Farewell then

Postby Tolkny » Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:54 am

Probably the most apposite response is no response.

What opportunities we together may have missed whilst achieving some things, yet I am left with a sense of sadness.
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