CRCs and Probation - three official reports

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CRCs and Probation - three official reports

Postby tabbycat » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:49 pm

i) a Ministry of Justice report finds that 19 out of 21 CRCs have failed to reduce the number of offences committed by repeat offenders - the very reason they were set up in the first place. Most will therefore not qualify for "payment by results" funding, leading to further demands for bailout payments on top of the £277m they have already received.

ii) the Chief Inspector of Probation examined a sample of Probation cases against those undertaken by CRCs. The Inspector found Probation performance was "good" whereas CRCs were too busy trying to meet targets, failed to see people or "engage meaningfully with them", did not always know when enforcement was called-for, or when "purposeful work to re-engage the individual would be better for them and for society".

iii) the Commons public accounts committee says that "the so-called rehabilitation revolution is showing worrying signs of becoming a contracting catastrophe" because most of the CRCs are forecasting financial losses. The committee expresses concern that the additional payments made to them could be spent on propping up parent companies rather than on rehabilitation services. The overall performance of CRCs has been "woeful".

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Re: CRCs and Probation - two official reports

Postby Tolkny » Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:54 am

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