Use of the term "Offenders"

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Use of the term "Offenders"

Postby tabbycat » Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:11 pm

The SNP Scottish government has ordered organisations working in the Scottish criminal justice system to "be aware of the power of language" and use inclusive terms after people have paid their debt to society. People who have completed community sentences and ex-prisoners should be referred-to as "persons with convictions" or "persons with an offending history". In a new strategy designed to reduce Scotland's prison population and reduce reoffending rates, the Scottish government states that banning the term "offenders" would support reintegration and reduce stigma. It has also called for fewer "costly and ineffective" short-term sentences to be made.
The strategy comes after it recently said that it wanted to ban the word "benefits" because of its negative connotations.
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