my new year resolutions

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my new year resolutions

Postby tabbycat » Sun Dec 25, 2016 11:22 pm

I hope to read the writings of Socrates. And my 1100 page History of Icelandic Railways. After that, my 2016-17 Yearbook of the Swiss Navy. Then I'll consider and cogitate upon the prompt thought-provoking responses from above to my pleas in two posts on this Forum - "Who gains? Who loses?" and "Wellbeing of staff under Probation" - before I decide whether to renew my Napo subscription this time next year. I've just renewed. It was a very marginal decision. An end of term report on Napo might say," Can do better. Should do better". I've been a member for about 35 years and a Branch Officer and Individual Rep for many of them. I've given far more than I've received but this aloof failure to engage and respond by Napo is indefensible. Another member organisation, CAMRA, is reinvigorating its Forum from its having been a "trusty workhorse" into a CAMRA Discourse fit for the modern IT age. Far from being negatively critical, I've made positive suggestions but seem to be attempting an audience with the deaf (no slight intended to the deaf). So, unless things change and someone realises that Napo serves its members, not the other way about, then I'll be leaving towards the end of 2017.
As usual, I welcome comments positive or negative from readers. Feel free to tell me if I've got this all wrong. Or if I'm missing something. Or maybe I do have a point?
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Re: my new year resolutions

Postby Tolkny » Mon Dec 26, 2016 12:35 pm

I wish you good luck with the reading.

Previously I directly challenged at least two general secretaries about Napo's poor use of of internet communications and maybe three, I am not sure if I ever got in touch with Ian Lawrence directly. It made almost no difference, however the real problem is supine members. Now I am long retired and have not taken the newer fuller membership option for retirees I can have no direct democratic impact on Napo policy and its implementation.

However, I would not work a day for any organisation that was legally bound to provide negotiating rights to a trades union unless I was a member of a relevant union.

Back in 2002/3 the consequences of the negotiations done on my behalf by Rita Nicholson, then a branch official, probably contributed to the fact that I am alive today - that is no understatement.
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Re: my new year resolutions

Postby tabbycat » Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:05 pm

I'm just looking in with the vain hope that there's an announcement of a restructuring and modernisation of this Forum along the lines of a comparator that I suggested.
Or, maybe some feedback on the Wellbeing survey.
But,...... nothing at all.
The Forum could be a real support to members accessing it in the hope of finding some comfort against the senses of isolation and panic in the face of overwhelming and oppressive workloads which just absorb the extra hours and energy thrown at them. However, to do so would require the Forum model to be re-engineered. Sadly, there seems no will for this to happen. In the allocation of duties and responsibilities amongst Napo Officers and Officials, does one of them not have this Forum as one of them? And to report on it to the others regularly, and in writing to the Annual Report To Members? If not, might I suggest this as an Agenda item for the next NEC? At least then there'd be some focus and the possibility of a progress path for the future. Please add to this post if you are a NEC Rep who can do this; or if you can pass it on to somebody who can.
It looks increasingly likely that I'll be letting my membership of Napo lapse towards the end of this year because my default outlook is now telling me that there'll be no response. Prove me wrong!
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