NOW is the time of decision for many

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NOW is the time of decision for many

Postby Tolkny » Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:13 pm

I wish folk well - and do not envy them as yet again many are facing an untimely end to their probation careers and have a chance to make decisions that influence that ending but which in the long term may leave them in a worse position - or better than now but they just do not have the information needed to make a really informed decisions due to The Government, the employers the Government have appointed and also to Parliament and the media not properly holding the Government to account.

Nonetheless I really do believe for a host of reasons, I shall not rehearse again - even if one strongly disapproves of the CURENT policy of a Trades Union who has the legal right to negotiate for you and will negotiate whether or not you are or are not a member - as Napo, Unison and GMB will for probation workers - and disapproves of the CURRENT representatives and employees of such a Trades Union, one is better personally protected as a member than as a non-member.


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